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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 13, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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cold, finally some relief for mitch mcconnell of the country. the warmest temperatures in nearly three months are on the way. and outbreak? dozens of people got sick after a party at the playboy mansion. is the pleasure palace, usually crawling with models and celebrities, now crawling with germs? one testament to the potential power of the playboy mansion, one of the guys who may have gotten sick there says, yeah, he would go back. >> well, that must be a relief to hugh hefner, though, not the kind of press he would like to seek. also this morning, a clinic in california that's famous for these 1-800-get-thin ads is getting sued for malpractice because a woman died after getting a lap brand. the clinic denies they were responsible. this kind of weight loss surgery is becoming more popular. but, dan, the question is, is it
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safe? and we're going to have a little bit of fun today since tomorrow is valentine's day. we're going to ask this pressing question, can you tell the difference between high-end chocolate and the cheaper stuff? we're going to pit godiva against hershey. bianna golodryga has launched this investigation for us. she'll have the results coming up. but we do begin in egypt where there were small clashes today between the army and protesters still camped out in tahrir square. they're refusing to leave until all of their demands are implemented. these next few days and weeks are going to be crucial to the success of democracy in egypt, and this very delicate situation has enormous implications for america affecting everything from the war on terror to the price of gas. >> we're going to focus on this this morning, on a set of key questions of pressing importance to egypt, america, and the world. we have our team of report eers across the region, and we start with terry moran. and, terry, the question for you is, who will lead egypt? >> reporter: well, bianna, the short answer is, nobody knows right now. the military is in control. there is a civilian government to carry out day-to-day functions, begin constitutional
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reform, and then there's people power. out in the streets and the square, but we've been out in the streets, out in the square. it's a very different atmosphere. there are people who don't want to leave, but i'd say most of egypt right now wants to get to a post-tahrir egypt. and that is a journey, the journey of democratic self-government. you've got constitutional discussion groups sprouting up on facebook. you've got committees. you've got the muslim brotherhood. you've got mosques, everybody discussing what comes next. they want to see a clear timetable for elections. they want to see the lifting of this 30-year state of emergency. it is a time of peril but a time of promise, as well. and that is really where they're headed. >> so fascinating, this national discussion. terry moran, thank you once again for your reporting. jim sciutto is also in cairo, as you know, with the protesters who are refusing to leave this morning. jim, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: dan and bianna, there's a real division in the square this morning between those who are ready to go to end these protests in the square and those who want to stay. some opposition leaders say they trust the military to manage the transition to a democratic state. others here say, no, we must hold this ground until all of our demands are met. many of the people streaming into the square today are focused on bread and butter issues, jobs, pensions, et cetera, that in many ways are some of the most difficult to answer immediately, but very clear this morning, dan and bianna, that these protests will not end right away. >> our thanks to jim sciutto. and moving now from cairo to the resort town of sharm el sheikh on the sinai peninsula where ousted president mubarak has taken refuge there. >> he made a fortune, maybe billions of dollars while in office. and now investigators are looking into how he got so rich. so our question for alex marquardt this morning is what happens next to hosni mubarak? alex? >> reporter: good morning, dan.
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former president hosni mubarak is believed to be holed up at this seaside villa here in this legendary red sea resort. he hasn't seen or been heard from since thursday when he told the egyptian people he he would not be stepping down. he has said he wants to die on egyptian soil, and so far he's been allowed to stay, and though the swiss have frozen his bank accounts, u.s. officials still believe he has between $1 billion and $5 billion stashed in banks around the world. there are rumors that he's already in or on his way to the united arab emirates to avoid prosecution. meanwhile, several top egyptian officials have been barred from leaving the country. dan, bianna? the revolution in egypt was sparked by an uprising in tunisia, and so another big question this morning -- are there more dominos in the region to fall? >> that's right. protests are erupting in algeria's capital demonstrators violently clashed with riot police. there are also some protests in iraq and now there are calls for protests in iran and libya, and suddenly palestinian leaders are calling for elections to get ahead of it
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there. our martha raddatz is in yemen this morning where the government is working closely with them to battle al qaeda. >> reporter: that's right. there were huge protests in algeria's capital today. tens of thousands of protesters hitting the street and also political upheaval in the palestinian authority. and nearly a thousand protesters here on the streets of yemen. there were a few violent confrontations between pro-government forces and opposition groups. but the opposition here has already forced a change. the president has said he will not run for re-election, and that seems to have satisfied the protesters for now, although officials are not ruling out larger demonstrations in the future. >> all right, martha, thank you. and while no one knows for sure what lies ahead for egypt, we want to ask "this week" host christiane amanpour what we should be watching for in the coming weeks and months joining us now from washington. good morning, christiane. i do want to begin on what we just heard from martha and these protests. how likely is it these protests will go the way of egypt and lead to regime change?
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>> well, look, that's clearly what everybody is watching, not just here in the united states but in that region. and one of the things that they were carefully watching was how egypt would result, what the end result would be there as a sign of what might happen. as a sign of one of the things one of the things they're trying to predict, it's impossible to do so. who knows what precise spark will lead to what precise development? it's clear there is movement. the people in that part of the world are inspired and that already some of the leaders in that part of the world have made changes, have pledged not to stand for re-election. so the egypt/tunisia effect is being felt. >> and turning back to egypt, christiane, this is your area of expertise. we want to ask you, what are the three signs you're going to be focused on in the coming months in the current events. i think one of them will be watching for the lifting of the emergency law. >> yeah, precisely. lifting emergency law was one of the very early demands of the protesters and, indeed, of the united states and others who are
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watching this development, and that's going to be a key question as we watch this new military regime now in control. when will they do that? that will send a clear signal about their plans for democracy. >> and also new elections and a constitution. a big question of when those will be implemented. >> precisely. what we're looking for also is whether there will be a clear road map for rewriting or amending the constitution and whether there will be a clear set of time lines for the democratic process because you remember, president mubarak had said elections would happen no later than september. we haven't heard any date from the military. >> and, lastly, you have stressed this, that these new military rulers will have to have an open dialogue with the opposition. >> well, this is the big, big question. who is going to be in dialogue with the military rulers? and i think, as you've heard from terry, there have been plenty of groups springing up. there was a press conference by one of the youth groups laying out their demands in cairo this weekend.
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who actually will form, for instance, a transitional government and be in charge of shepherding this along with the military towards a proper democratic process. >> all right, christiane. you've been on top of this since day one. be sure to follow christiane later and her story of the comprehensive revolution in egypt later on this morning on "this week." her guests will include israeli defense minister ehud barak. dan? >> okay. thank you, bianna. now to pakistan and the mysterious case of an american who has been arrested on murder charges. this situation is incredibly sensitive creating serious tension between america and another country that like egypt is a key ally on the war on terror. nick schifrin is on the story this morning in london. nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it's absolutely right. the u.s. has postponed a meeting scheduled for next week, an important meeting between pakistan, afghanistan and the u.s. it's just the latest sign of how tense the u.s./pakistan relationship has become more than two weeks after this official, raymond davis, was
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arrested. the fate of this man could help determine one of the u.s.' most important relationships. if you believe the u.s. story, raymond davis is a victim. the 36-year-old from denver was about to be robbed or even killed on the streets of lahore, and he shot two pakistanis in self-defense. but this story is not that simple. exhibit 1, davis is an ex-special forces soldier who was carrying a glock. exhibit 2, in his car davis had a bulletproof jacket, a wire cutter and a camera full of photos that have been leaked to the local media, what police say are pictures of sensitive parts of lahore. exhibit 3, the two people davis is accused of killing were working for pakistan's spy agency. pakistani officials say they think davis was spying making calls to inform apartments near the afghan border and had him followed. whatever he was doing, whoever he really is, raymond davis had diplomatic immunity, but pakistan has thrown him in jail and called him a cold-blooded murderer.
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>> it does not meet a self-defense case. >> reporter: the u.s. has snapped back threatening to cut off aid, cancel high-level meetings if davis is not released. >> under these rules he should be freed immediately. >> reporter: but that's not so easy. in pakistan davis is a lightning rod. watch this chaotic scene as he's arrested. the crowd is already furious. and at the station davis continues to plead his innocence. >> i just work as a consultant there. >> reporter: anger has spread to the streets. many accuse the u.s. of bullying to try and get davis released. the family of one of the men davis killed wants revenge. >> translator: we want blood for blood, and we, who are god willing, will try to have him hanged. >> reporter: the u.s. is already unpopular in pakistan, and that anger you see from the family and on the streets puts more pressure on the pakistani
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government to prosecute davis even if, bianna, in private some government officials say they want to release him and admit he does, in fact, have diplomatic immunity. bianna? >> all right, nick. thank you for that story. turning to washington now, another big budget brawl is set to start tomorrow when the president will submit his 2012 spending plan calling for investments on education, infrastructure and research. but republicans say we simply cannot afford it. david kerley has more on the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: the efforts to create that bipartisan atmosphere are about to be tested here in this town. it has everything to do with the budget numbers. the big question is about philosophy. is now the right time to tackle our debt issues? with a weakened economy and a ballooning deficit, what is the right thing to do? take an ax or a scalpel to federal spending? the budget battles begin. >> this budget asks washington to live within its means while at the same time investing in our future. >> reporter: tomorrow president obama releases his budget, which
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he says would freeze government spending for five years. he would spend more for education, high-speed rail and new economy jobs and pay for that with a pay freeze, selling unused buildings and cuts in assistance programs, a $400 billion savings over ten years according to mr. obama. >> the president's budget will probably make most people unhappy. >> the failure to control federal spending occurred under republicans, as well as democrats, though i have to say it's gotten a whole lot worse in the last two years. >> reporter: conservative republicans dismissed the president's plan wanting to cut everything he hopes to spend on. >> stop! enough! we're not going to go down this road anymore. >> reporter: meeting this weekend, republicans are also celebrating a victory over their own leadership in the house who suggested $35 billion in cuts for the rest of this year, freshmen, more than 80 of them, revolted saying they promised to cut $100 billion.
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the speaker was forced to bend. >> we're going to cut more than $100 billion in discretionary spending on this year's account. >> reporter: the tea party proclaims it is changing washington's ways. >> the house leadership knows that we mean business, and we're not going to back off. they do not have a free pass. >> reporter: while the republican proposal to cut $100 billion may be somewhat symbolic as they know it's not going to pass in the senate or get by the president, there is going to be a real battle over the next budget numbers. and tomorrow when the president offers his cuts, that's actually an effort to try to undermine the republican position of cutting the budget. we'll see if it works, bianna. >> the big battle lies ahead. i want to get back to the winner in that straw poll of republicans yesterday. second year in a row for mr. paul. >> reporter: ron paul, the libertarian congressman actually won, and it wasn't a surprise. a lot of his supporters showed up. a little more than 3,700 people voted in this straw poll.
7:14 am
he got 30%. next was mitt romney with 23%, and then everybody else was in single digits, 5% or 6%. so if there's any good news in there, it's probably for mitt romney that he did pretty well. sarah palin, who didn't show up, ended up in ninth position. bianna? >> all right, david, thank you. >> and for a check of the morning's other headlines, here's ron claiborne. >> hey, good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. thousands of people marched in raleigh, north carolina, to fight what they say is the threatened resegregation of local schools. the marchers were protesting saturday a school board decision to end busing schoolchildren to achieve socioeconomic diversity in schools. the school board says that the move would allow children to attend schools closer to home. the ill-fated spider-man musical on broadway has been hit with two safety violations by new york state. "the new york times" reports that the state department of labor issued the violations against "spiderman: turn off the dark." one violation involved an actor who fell during a performance and the other was related to two perform eers injured while rehearsing a stunt.
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the show which has not yet officially opened has been plagued by problems for months. in san diego, a taxi careened out of control and mowed down people on a crowded street. one woman lost a leg, and more than two dozen others were injured. the taxi was going about 20 miles an hour along the sidewalk outside of a popular restaurant and nightclub zone. on this youtube video you can see the chaotic scene as people tried to get out of the way. police say they do not think that the cabbie intentionally drove the car into the crowd. and finally, check out the great mustache contest at the winter carnival in newport, rhode island, yesterday. men with mustaches set a new world record. the 462 entrants with all sorts of facial hair broke the guinness world record for most men in a mustache sculpting contest. the women's competition is tomorrow. >> i was going to ask when the women's competition was. >> let's do it, ron. let's get mustaches. >> yeah, not by next weekend. >> i'll give it a shot. >> this is a very delicate
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situation, so no segue with that one. to jackie meretsky with the weather. jackie, good morning to you. >> oh, boy. >> jackie, no facial hair. >> let's get right into the weather. quickly want to turn to the setup, the jet stream. okay. it's not time to put on the open-toed shoes yet. of course, that comment really directed towards bianna, but we do have this amazing warm-up that is coming. we're really going to feel it into the northeast all the way down to the south towards the middle and end of next week. the jet stream lifts up to the north, and all that warm southern air has nowhere to go but up. so this is what we're looking at today. not as cold, nothing dramatic here. the more dramatic weather will be felt, check this out, in five days. look at that, new york city friday, we could hit 61. that is something to smile at.
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>> and now back to dan and bianna with another story heating up. >> thank you, jackie. as jackie mentioned, hugh hefner's world famous bachelor pad, the playboy mansion, is now, quite literally, under the microscope. l.a. health officials want to know if the place is infected. >> this comes after dozens of guests who partied there came down with a mystery illness that looks a lot like legionnaire's disease. diana alvear has the story. >> reporter: it's one of the most coveted invitations in the world. the chance to party it up at the playboy mansion. but this ticket to paradise may have come with a painful parting gift. >> i had the shakes, the chills,
7:18 am
a low-grade fever. >> reporter: david costello was enjoying his last night at a los angeles area tech industry conference, networking at the mansion's lingerie lounge party. a couple of days later, costello was bedridden, and at least four swedish participants were diagnosed with legionnaire's disease. >> it's a syndrome that is characterized by fever, headaches and aches all over the body kind of like the flu. >> reporter: in all, more than 80 conference guests got sick. soon blogs were abuzz with speculation that a fog machine on the dance floor may be to blame. >> it could have been anywhere. there were a lot of outdoor activity -- every night was an outdoor activity. >> reporter: costello says party guests, provided by playboy, may have played a factor. >> there were a lot of models that were brought into the playboy party that were not at the rest of the conference, and they should find out if those girls became ill. >> reporter: behind these gates no one is commenting. outside of a playboy spokesperson telling abc news they're cooperating fully with the los angeles county health department's investigation.
7:19 am
however, a conference organizer says there's no reason to believe that this mansion is ground zero for the outbreak. he says there were several parties at several different locations and that the conference was based mostly at santa monica's fairmont hotel. >> where are the girls in the satin outfits? >> yeah. i want to see some bunny ears. >> reporter: for more than three decades, the infamous bachelor pad has been a symbol of anything goes debauchery. despite his illness, costello says he's got no hard feelings towards hef and company. >> i have no reason to blame him right now. more than anything, i want to know what this was. >> reporter: and he says he's not ruling out a return to the mansion. for "good morning america," diana alvear, abc news, los angeles. >> that says it all, doesn't it? >> well, is that enough to convince you and ron to cancel your planned trip out there? >> for mustaches, you mean. >> open-toed shoes. coming up, lawsuits filed, a flurry of lawsuits after four patients died after lap band weight loss procedures at a clinic that's connected to those 1-800-get-thin ads.
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coming up, we have an update coming up, we've got an
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pop culture, is rihanna starting to forgive chris brown? two years after that vicious attack that left her badly injured, she's now reportedly willing to relax the restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. plus, we'll take you on a trip to telluride, colorado, in our "weekend window" to find out about the mountain town's mining history and enjoy the scenic views. we begin with lap band surgery, a popular medical procedure that is marketed as a safe and effective way to lose weight. but serious questions are being raised about its safety after four patients in southern california died after having the surgery. and now one of their relatives has filed a malpractice suit. mike marusarz is on the story, good morning, mike. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. the question for the courts, is lap band truly responsible for the deaths? and if so, what went wrong? >> hi, i'm nicole, and i have lost 100 pounds with the lap band. >> reporter: what seemed like a ticket to health -- >> i joined the lap band weight loss revolution. >> reporter: -- may have been what killed 50-year-old laura faitro. after seeing an ad like this,
7:31 am
for lap band, she called 1-800-get-thin and signed up for the procedure. five days after the surgery, she died. >> i miss her daily every day. >> reporter: faitro is the fourth patient to die in the past two years shortly after receiving lap band in southern california, three at the same beverly hills clinic. the "l.a. times" reports all four were referred to their surgeons through 1-800-get-thin. the lap band procedure is becoming more popular. doctors insert an inflatable ring around the stomach, designed to decrease the amount of food intake. but in a lawsuit, faitro's family alleges that during her procedure laura's liver was nicked three times and that doctors never told her. >> if the physician really did nick the liver in three places and didn't tell the patient that a series life-threatening complication had occurred, the physician here is going to be in for some significant lawsuits.
7:32 am
>> reporter: just days after lawyer's surgery, she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a severe blood infection. she died of cardiac arrest. >> if they told me they cut her inside, i would have took her right to the hospital. >> reporter: her husband john faitro blames his wife's doctor, the hospital and 1-800-get-thin for her death. but the attorney for the company says it did nothing wrong. >> the coroner's autopsy says that it's a myocardial infarction, that this is a heart attack. these are unrelated to the lap band. >> reporter: 1-800-get-thin says despite the risk, lap band only has a 2% complication rate. but for laura, her battle of the bulge now moves to a legal fight for her family in court. and abc's dr. richard besser reports that 30% of lap band patients actually get it removed because of complications, and 90% feel some side effects. bianna, dan? >> mike, thank you. appreciate it. >> let's get the rest of the headlines now once again with
7:33 am
ron claiborne. >> dan, bianna, mike. in the news, egypt's military leaders are suspending the constitution and dissolving parliament. the military which took over after hosni mubarak stepped down said it will run the country for six months or until elections can be held. in afghanistan, security is tight in the city of kandahar following a taliban attack on police headquarters there. the car bombing and grenade assault killed 17 police officers and 2 civilians. dozens were wounded. and finally, 14 couples in thailand are vying to set a new world record for the longest continuous kiss. the contest started this morning and is expected to finish up tomorrow afternoon, valentine's day, after more than 32 hours of nonstop kissing. >> they don't look very happy. >> bianna. >> no mustaches allowed. >> yeah, stay out of this. it's time for the weather and jackie meretsky. bianna? >> that's it. no segue, nothing with the kissing? all right. let's get into it, the western weather. we've got this constant flow of
7:34 am
moisture coming in with the jet stream, and what that means is we're going to see intense mountain snow. 2 to 4 feet over the course of the week. in the sierras and the cascades as well as rain, 3 to 6 inches particularly for the coast. that could lead to some flooding. now, meanwhile, what we're looking at is very windy weather. those winds coming on to the west coast go up the rockies and then they come down, and this is why we could have 40 to 60-mile-per-hour winds in eastern montana and north dakota. all right. don't forget about the warmup over the course of the week. >> this weather report has been brought to you by advil. dan, back to you. >> thank you, jackie. the grammy awards are tonight. and once again pop stars rihanna and chris brown are making headlines, and once again it's
7:35 am
not because of their singing. this time it is because rihanna is reportedly willing to ease the restraining order that's been in place against brown since he beat her up after a grammy party two years ago. on the story this morning, jeremy hubbard. ♪ put your troubles aside >> reporter: for chris brown, it is a comeback, both professionally with this coveted appearance on "saturday night live" just last night and now legally. rihanna's attorneys growing to ease up, revising the restraining order against brown to what is called a do not annoy order. >> do not annoy means he cannot strike her, he cannot harass her, he cannot annoy her, but other than that, they can have ongoing contact with each other. >> reporter: it is a common revision in domestic violence cases, but is it a good idea in light of the brutality of brown's attack on rihanna just before the grammys two years ago captured on this tmz photo. >> easing restriction always has a risk because it's still very difficult to predict who is
7:36 am
going to be violent and who is not going to be. >> reporter: just 19 at the time, brown's image and future were in peril when he spoke to our robin roberts after the attack. >> i've never ever had problems with anger. no domestic violence with anyone in my past. and it's really like how could i be that person? >> reporter: but now brown has gone from pariah to the object of praise. in november a judge commended him for responsibly carrying out his community service. and in december, he proudly tweeted this picture of his diploma after finishing a year-long domestic violence course. >> people can be rehabilitated if they have the internal motivation to do this. >> some may think she's a fool to do this, but you have to keep in mind, you know, he's gone through a bit of a catharsis. he's atoned for what he did to her, and just possibly he may be a changed person, and she may recognize that in him. >> reporter: even before rihanna's new legal decision, brown had received a favorable ruling in the court of public opinion. ♪ right now he has a top five
7:37 am
single on the billboard charts, and he's up for three grammys in tonight's awards show. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc, new york. and, you know, there was some speculation that chris brown and rihanna might end up in the same room tonight at the grammys, but that's not going to be the case. rihanna is performing, but chris brown is not going to be showing up. >> millions will be tuning in to that show tonight. >> indeed, indeed. coming up on "good morning america," it's a matter of taste. just in time for valentine's day, we put chocolate to the test. does the expensive stuff really taste better? bianna is on the case. and later, we check out the dramatic peaks and valleys of the colorado rockies on a trip to telluride. the colorado rockies on a trip to telluride. every day thousands e are switching from tylenol® to advil. here's one story. my name is betty and i'm from miami florida. and i am an animal lover who does rescue. being a foster parent for dogs is very grueling. washing them is the toughest part. it causes a lot of strain on my lower back. i used to take tylenol and now i take advil,
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is well, ron and dan are sitting on pins and needles because the countdown to their favorite day of the year, valentine's day, is on. and you've only got one more day to find the perfect way to express your love. for me and jackie, the best way to a woman's heart is through chocolate. >> absolutely. >> but do you need to spend big bucks for the high-end stuff or will a more modest brand do the trick? well, we're going to take a taste test here. we have dark chocolate, milk chocolate,
7:41 am
hershey's to find out what the koanchors believe, but i went to the streets of new york to see what americans think. diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but chocolate, it may just be her secret lover. >> i love dark chocolate. >> reporter: rich, decadent, gooey, and addictive. ever notice that chocolate commercials always seem to feature women eating it alone. >> it's a moment all my own, delicious. >> reporter: and on one of the biggest chocolate days of them all, valentine's day, our tastes for cocoa tends to get much more expensive. and specialty chocolatiers know it offering a staggering array of high-end sweetness. we took two popular demands, high-end godiva and the much cheaper hershey's bliss, and pitted them against each other in a blind but unscientific taste test on the streets of new york. these godiva pieces, they cost almost $1 apiece. the hershey's, less than 15 cents. first up, the milk chocolate
7:42 am
throw-down. are you all chocolate lovers? try this one. you want to try it? you like it? >> it's good. >> reporter: now try the other milk chocolate. you like both hershey's. >> tell my husband i want godiva. >> only godiva now. >> reporter: it seems on this front nearly half chose godiva, but how about for their dark chocolates? first or the second? >> second. >> they're the same. >> i think i'll try that one. >> reporter: you're a hershey guy. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: you're a hershey's man. the much cheaper hershey's dark chocolates melted away the competition by nearly the same margin. the chocolate wars, in our test, a tie. so what are customers getting when they spend more? to find out, we went to mr. chocolate himself, jacques torres, whose delicate bonbons often come with a hefty price tag. what's the difference between buying this and spending $36 in this and walking into a grocery for and i'm getting a generic
7:43 am
brand of holiday chocolates? >> other than the price? >> reporter: other than the price, yes, obviously. >> basically, we work hard on the concentration of flavor, we don't use any essential oil or flavoring. we use only the real thing. all the packaging, all the presentation. >> reporter: are you apologizing or are you expressing your love or a little bit of both? >> well, i have a lot of women in my life. >> reporter: so while our taste test produced mixed results, a lot of people seem to agree. to keep the missus happy, buy the expensive stuff. anybody who says, you know, it's a waste of money to go and spend a lot on these chocolates -- >> i think your honey will be happier if you give something nice. don't buy fake diamonds. buy real diamonds. don't buy fake chocolate. buy real chocolates. you know, that's basically the deal here. >> reporter: wow. >> so now -- >> reporter: dan, eat your heart out. i guess i should say drink your heart out. that was hot chocolate. it was very delicious but now
7:44 am
let's get down to our own taste test. you all sample. ron, let's begin with you. >> he can't talk, he's got chocolate in his mouth. >> not all at once. you know the rules. >> ron. >> okay, i'll take over while he's chewing. >> okay, jackie. >> okay. first of all, i found it much difficult -- harder to decide with the dark chocolate. at least for the milk, i like this one, "b." >> dan? >> i liked "a." >> so you have expensive tastes, jackie. >> shocker. >> that's the godiva. and you liked the hershey's. >> well, apparently i have low brow taste. >> the cheap guy. >> i liked how you asked the guy, are you apologizing for something. >> well, he had a lot of chocks in that bag. you never know. >> i like the "a." "a" tastes good. >> what about the two of you? >> i didn't try the dark chocolate. >> i like "b." >> you actually have more expensive tastes when it comes to dark chocolate. godiva lover. so, you know, you can save some money on the dark. >> how can you tell the
7:45 am
difference with every type of chocolate in your mouth at once? >> i went back and tried it again. >> what? what was that? >> i went back and tried it again. >> well, we'll have more coming up on "good morning america" while ron continues eating away at the chocolate buffet. >> still trying to decide here. >> happy valentine's day, ron. >> thank you. all right, coming up after the break, the beauty of a town nestled high in the colorado rockies. it's our "weekend window." we're back in just a couple of minutes. " my business is all about getting music into people's hands. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. you name it, i can buy it. and the savings that we get from the early pay discount has given us money to reinvest back into our business and help quadruple our floor space. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. - oh, we miss you, honey. - i'll be home soon. until then, i have my wingman helping me out. tommy? - i helped dad pick it out. - it's beautiful.
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now, legend has it that the town of telluride, colorado, got its name from the saying, to hell you ride, which depending on who you're asking it's either because of the difficult trip to
7:49 am
get there or because of the reputation as a party town. but either way the place is beautiful, and our "weekend window," bianna, this weekend opens there in high definition. ♪ >> the scenic beauty here is second to none. you just don't get these dramatic cliffs and high peaks at such a close range. it's right in your face. and that's why you get the dramatic cliff walls, high peaks, and dramatic valleys coming through. basically glaciers melting off and pulling away. there's something for everybody. that is what is unique about telluride. >> we're one of probably the most historical. certainly we have great history here in telluride. telluride, the town of, got incorporated in 1876. so it was a mining town, initially they were getting out,
7:50 am
it was all gold and silver. telluride was the first town in the world to have alternating current electricity. a lot of the workers live here. but people that have a passion for the mountains, i mean, hippies, rastafarians, i mean we still have the nature of cowboys. ♪ >> i'm exercising my right to ride my horse into this bar. i'm cherishing my freedoms. it's really nice that i found a place where people like me. couldn't get away with this at home. ♪ >> i love being outside. there's actually a -- quite a thrill in feeling how the skis work against the snow.
7:51 am
i think it's just lighting, a little wind in your hair and those quiet moments in the morning when it's just drop-dead beautiful, and there's not a sound. even though i have lived here a long time, every time i look across the mountain sky, the lighting is just slightly different. it's just -- it's just a jewel. it's a really special spot that everyone should see at least once. . ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind doing it again? last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the all-new chevy cruze with the my chevrolet app. the remote control car is finally here. well, now she's just playing with us. oh. [ horn honks ]
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7:55 am
all right, we're going to go sleep off our sugar high from the chocolate. thank you all for joining us this morning. i'll be back with "world news" later today.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
this morning, witness to a revolution. [ chanting ] a president tells us he will see out his term. but the people tell him he's out of time. they want a nation reborn. now -- >> president hosni mubarak has decided to step down as president. [ chanting ] >> and he's gone. we can do everything. >> will democracy take hold in egypt? what kind? >> this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's the beginning. >> and wha


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